Sebastian is a guitar player, songwriter, producer and educator based in London, UK.
His musical journey begun in his homeland Romania, when he decided to found Alinian together with his brother Radu Grosu. Labeled by the music media an art rock endeavor, the band played extensively the local club circuit, participated in a series of national festivals (Brasov - 2005, Buzau 2006, Turnu Severin 2009) and launched an albumn 2007.
After that he took a journey into the world of gypsy jazz hitting the stage together with the popular "Hot Club de Bucharest" led by the experienced guitarist Malin Cristache.
After some serious woodshedding, he started writing songs again in the fall of 2012. The recording and mixing of the songs of his first solo album "Frailty", a mixture of jazz and rock, has been completed in December 2013. The album was launched in February 2014.
Since the start of 2015, Sebastian was involved in Trio G, a band performing his compositions in an ethno-jazz fashion.

In October 2015 Sebastian moved to London where new musical opportunities await!


Sebastian Grosu

(self released, 2014)


Garden of Alinian
(Taine Records, 2007)


Live in Club A
(Independent release, 2008)